Ag secretary states importance of maintaining food supply chain

Poultry industry provides critical, healthy source of protein
March 26, 2020

Maintaining the supply of food and fiber for citizens, especially during times of an emergency, is of paramount importance. The poultry industry plays a critical role in feeding citizens and supplying an abundant, healthy source of protein.

"It is extremely important that the entire vertically integrated chain of poultry production remain functioning at full capacity and that everyone in that chain is doing their part to assure chicken is available for purchase," said Secretary of Agriculture Michael T. Scuse. "Of course, one vital part of that chain is the processing of the birds at our poultry processing plants. Workers are commended for what they do to feed our citizens and are encouraged to give extraordinary effort in these challenging times. We have the most abundant, affordable, and safest food supply in the world, due to the invaluable contributions of everyone involved in food production Their participation in feeding Delaware and America is essential."

Agriculture and food production are essential industries that provide food and fiber for all and play a critical role in the state's economy.

"During this difficult time, I want to offer encouragement to all our family farmers, producers, agribusinesses, wholesalers, distributors, consumers and the many other members of Delaware's food supply chain in the state who are working hard to continue business as usual with minimal interruptions," said Scuse.

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