Antonio's Training welcomes Keri Schaeffer

September 1, 2016

Three and a half years ago, Keri Schaeffer signed up for my 12-week transformation. Her final results were amazing and earned the distinction of the most popular before-and-after pictures I've ever shared with the public. Within four days after the story hit the Cape Gazette, I received over 75 emails and phone calls from people who were inspired by her results and wanted to know more about the program. At one point I gave up trying to respond to everyone because the reaction was so overwhelming it was hard to keep up. Although Keri’s physical changes were great I was more proud of the fact that she decided to get certified and pursue personal training, and I and am now delighted to announce the addition of her services to my staff of talented trainers.

Keri's journey to personal training was gradual, mostly because she was a practicing physical therapist before she ever dreamed she would be training and guiding people to better health and fitness, but after deciding she wanted to take her own health to the next level, she caught the fitness bug and the rest was history. "The transformation not only got me where I wanted to be, it taught me a new lifestyle. Knowing the right way to eat and exercise and how to maintain a healthy weight without having to give up everything I loved,” she said. Keri had made a life change and was not about to give it up even after the program was over.

After the initial 12 weeks, Keri and I discussed the possibility of working together and she decided to get certified with ACE- the American Council on Exercise - but we were never able to get on the same page until recently when she decided to make a career change and leave physical therapy. "I love helping people, and training is perfect because it has allowed me more time to spend with my kids and family but still do what I love.”

Keri’s background in physical therapy and the fact that she has completed my transformation program multiple times will be a great advantage because she will understand the strengths and weaknesses that clients will typically come to us with. That means she will be able to institute a plan to help them become stronger and less likely to get injured while coaching them through what to expect with the 12-week transformation program. This is critical because although we want people to look great on the outside, we are just as concerned with building a stronger, more functional body so clients will experience better quality of life when they finish the program.

Keri received her bachelor of science degree from Neumann University in 2005 and her applied science degree in physical therapy. She has previously owned and operated three clinics for the past nine years before she decided to make the change and get certified in personal training. She also completed an orthopedic exercises specialty certification as well.

“I have always the enjoyed treating and managing pain and injuries, and now being able to apply that knowledge to designing exercise programs and helping people get in better shape is a perfect fit,” said Keri. Antonio’s Training is excited to have the opportunity to have a talented and experienced person join our staff, and we look forward to the experience and great results that Keri Schaeffer will bring to our team.




  • Chris Antonio is a personal trainer and former world-class weightlifter. He has been lifting for more than 20 years and has trained a wide variety of clients ranging from All-American athletes to the average person trying to get into shape. To send a question to the Ask the Trainer column, email Chris at or check out

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