Beebe campaign shows partnership power

February 28, 2020

Dr. David Tam will take over as chief executive officer of Beebe Healthcare in April. He succeeds Jeffrey Fried, who held that position for 25 years, leaving a legacy of unprecedented progress and growth, and a blueprint for strategic, multi-location expansion over the next several years.

Dr. Tam will be joining a community that believes passionately in its community-owned healthcare system. For unmistakable evidence, he needs to look no further than the I Believe in Beebe campaign that is helping significantly in the $250 million expansion.

The three-year campaign that started in January 2016 and ended in December 2019 enjoyed stunning success. In total, 5,685 donors wrote checks and signed pledges committing to $45,434,673 in support.

The success is because of the efforts of Beebe Medical Foundation’s initiatives under the direction of former President Judy Aliquo, her staff of professional associates and hundreds of volunteers. Together they hosted more than 150 parties and events, and rallied employees to contribute generously as they have so often in the past.

Gifts ranged from tips pledged by parking valets up to checks in the millions from individuals, businesses, foundations and other organizations from throughout Beebe’s tightly networked community.

The fruit of all that effort is visible near Millville where a new cancer center and emergency room operation are rising from the ground; on Route 24 between Lewes and Rehoboth Beach, where a new specialty surgery center is under construction; and in Lewes where significant improvements are being made to Beebe’s main Margaret H. Rollins Campus. Beebe’s expansion also includes important new facilities in Georgetown.

This shows capitalism and partnerships at their best. It is recognition by donors that a stable and advancing society is the best formula for success and prosperity, and that giving back and participating in the community’s progress is the best insurance for maintaining and furthering that stability.

It’s called enlightened self-interest.

Dr. Tam will be starting his tenure on a rising tide and in a community committed to his and Beebe Healthcare’s success. 


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