Beebe helps bring vaccine to vulnerable populations

February 22, 2021

Beebe Healthcare and multiple community organizations collaborated to coordinate a COVID-19 vaccine clinic for more than 300 seniors and eligible Delawareans Feb. 13.

Epworth United Methodist Church hosted the event and, along with First State Community Action Agency, worked with many community organizations to seek out populations who may have had a barrier to sign up or receive a vaccine in a traditional manner.

“Beebe Healthcare is proud to serve as the medical partner during these events. We know there are health disparities across Delaware, and we’re committed to closing that gap by partnering with many organizations to ensure no one is left behind,” said Dr. David A. Tam, Beebe Healthcare president and CEO. “Now, with the state’s guidance, our focus is on providing the vaccine to everyone who meets the phase 1A and 1B criteria by utilizing community partners to ensure those who may face barriers such as language, disability, transportation, housing situation or internet access have equitable access to the vaccine. This is all in addition to our daily vaccine clinics that are scheduled from our waiting list.”

Because of the partnership with First State, the event was able to include the Nanticoke Indian Tribe of Delaware, as many as 15 churches throughout the county, and numerous other organizations that all played a role in the successful event – and will continue to play a role as more Delawareans are vaccinated every day, said Tam.

“Helping underserved populations makes a big difference in improving the health of our entire community – we shop at the same stores, eat at the same restaurants, and our kids go to the same schools,” said Tam. “Our mission is to improve the health of all who live, work, and visit in Sussex County because we’re all in this together.”

“First State Community Action Agency is the people’s agency,” said Bernice Edwards, executive director of First State Community Action Agency. “Being able to provide the COVID-19 vaccine for vulnerable populations is what embodies the mission and heart of our agency. Thank you to all the partners that help us make this happen.”

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