Beebe parking garage restoration to begin

February 28, 2021

Beebe Healthcare was set to begin work March 1 on a three-month restoration project for its parking garage on the west side of the Lewes campus near the main entrance.

To lessen disruption of parking for patients and guests, work will proceed one level at a time.

For the bulk of the project, the roof level and level four are estimated to remain closed through Friday, May 7.

Level three will be closed from Monday, April 19 until Friday, May 21.

Level two will be closed from Friday, April 26 to Monday, May 28.

Level one will be closed from Monday, May 24 to Friday, May 28.

The ground level will be closed from May 24 to June 4.

Beebe security will operate traffic control in the garage for the various levels, in addition to the contractor performing the restoration work. Both will direct visitors and patients to the correct level of the garage to park.

Beebe also offers valet service at its main entrance just before the garage entrance. Proper infection-prevention protocols are active for the safety of patients, visitors and valet team members.

For more information on valet parking, go to

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