Bethany Blues to host barbecue cooking class May 5

March 9, 2019

The inclination to cook with fire is one that dates back over 1.5 million years when the first humans cooked meat over an open flame. Ever since then, civilizations have fallen in love, generation by generation, with the simple pleasure of cooking in this way, each putting their own modern twist on the exercise.

Barbecuing is a beloved American pastime, and people at the beach can step outside their doors nearly any day in the summer and get a whiff of roasting meat on a nearby grill.

Barbecue is as much an art form as it is a culinary skill, so it’s no wonder people dedicate so much time and effort to getting the best equipment, sauces, cuts of meat and techniques to impress families and friends. Bethany Blues of Bethany Beach will be sharing its secrets in a highly anticipated barbecue cooking class  from 12 to 2 p.m., Saturday, May 5.

“Cooking classes are really a big hit now in the industry,” said Tiffany Cordeaux, events coordinator for the Bethany Beach location. “This is our unique perspective and a way to really dig into the barbecue experience for those who are fans of the genre.”

From brisket to pork shoulder to ribs, participants get to make and take different cuts of meat alongside the executive chef, while also getting informative insider tips on cooking barbecue, and a history of their barbecue formulation. Everyone goes home with a box that includes an assortment of rubs and sauces that are the perfect accompaniment to the barbecued meats.

Tickets are $50 and the experience is limited to 40 people. To reserve a space, go to or call 302-539-1500.