Bidens eat breakfast at Egg in Rehoboth Beach

Presidential couple stayed at their North Shores home this past weekend
October 23, 2023

President Joe Biden and first lady Dr. Jill Biden spent the past weekend at their North Shores home.

Arriving late Friday evening, the presidential couple didn’t do too much on Saturday – the president attended mass at St. Edmond Catholic Church – but on Sunday, they ate breakfast at Egg, which is a breakfast and lunch eatery located on the right immediately after crossing the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal drawbridge coming into Rehoboth Beach.

Before leaving Egg, the president took a few photos with staff and a selfie with Claire Walsh, former Dewey Beach commissioner. Walsh later texted a brief recap of her couple-minute-long conversation with the president to sister Bernadette Hearn, Cape Gazette copy editor.

“He was getting a pic with staff and he looked at me and walked a couple of feet and reached for my phone,” said Walsh. “I blessed myself for some reason, and he said, ‘Father, Son and Holy Spirit,’ while I did it. WTH! I realized I was tugging on his jacket sleeve while I was making a point, and I let go and smoothed it out and said, ‘Whoops.’ We talked for a couple of minutes. Crazy.”

Following breakfast, later in the afternoon, the Bidens took a walk on the beach and enjoyed a beautiful October day.

Looking ahead, the president is scheduled to be back in Delaware this coming weekend. However, according to the White House Week Ahead Guidance and Press Schedule issued Oct. 22, he will be staying at his home outside Wilmington.

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