Bidens take extended vacation in Rehoboth

President and first lady enjoy beach time, bike rides and date night
August 4, 2023

President Joe Biden and first lady Dr. Jill Biden are expected to wrap up a weeklong summer vacation in Rehoboth Beach Friday, Aug. 4.

Unlike previous visits, the first couple got out of their North Shores home for exercise, dinner and a movie.

On Aug. 1, the Bidens surprised everyone at Matt’s Fish Camp in Lewes. According to the White House, they arrived at 5:41 p.m. The president was wearing a white shirt and light-colored pants. 

After dining for less than an hour, the Bidens jumped into a Secret Service SUV for the short drive down the highway to Movies at Midway. They arrived at 6:30 p.m. to see “Oppenheimer.”

Cindy and Paul Lovett of Rehoboth Beach were there for the movie and got a night they won’t forget. It started with security screening at the door, a bomb-sniffing dog and Secret Service agents with flashlights checking under the seats.

“When the previews were over, Jill and the president came in. They were sitting seven rows behind us,” said Cindy. “My husband is a West Pointer, so he stood when the commander in chief came in.”

As the credits rolled after the three-hour movie, Cindy said, she turned around and saw the president standing in the aisle talking with people. 

“Paul held out his hand as the president walked by. He told Mr. Biden he was doing a good job and that he had been in the military. The president shook his hand and said, ‘My son was in the military,’” said Lovett. “The whole thing did not inconvenience anyone. I’m proud to have the president in town.”

Lovett said she did not see if the first couple shared any popcorn.

On Aug. 2, Jill visited Party Decor and More outside Rehoboth Beach. Owner Charlie O’Brien sent a photo of their meeting to the Cape Gazette.

“She is such a pleasant person. Hopefully, President Biden will come with her next time,” he said.

On Aug. 3, Jill took an exercise class at Sea Barre Fitness in Lewes, next to Matt’s Fish Camp. She was there for about 90 minutes and left in a motorcade at 9:25 a.m. without making any comment.

The Bidens were also active outdoors during the week. They had at least two beach days during their vacation and rode their bikes around the Gordons Pond Trail several times. The president wore a black Philadelphia Eagles T-shirt during one ride. 

There had been some expectation the Bidens would be in town through Sunday, Aug. 6, but they are expected to head to Wilmington Friday, Aug. 4, where they will remain over the weekend.

According to a notice sent July 31 from the White House, the president will be traveling to Arizona, New Mexico and Utah from Monday, Aug. 7 through Thursday, Aug. 10.


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