Brenn Scott a two-step athlete, a football and baseball player

November 8, 2022

One step, two step - Brenn Scott was a sophomore catcher on Cape’s 2022 state championship baseball team. He handled a pitching staff that included all-state players Nick Cox and Josh Reinhold. If you slide into home plate, Brenn will back-slap your head with a loaded mitt holding a hardball. His talent screams next-level prospect. In football, he is the oversized safety playing linebacker, the H back at tight end. During the second half of the opening game at Salesianum, Brenn broke his collarbone. Prognosis was he was out six to eight weeks. Brenn kept coming to practice; there was never any thought he wouldn’t come back. No one-trick pony travel baller, just a blue-collar baller. Brenn’s dad is Brian Scott, a former Milford athlete aka “One Step,” one of those sports guys who knows more than most, and he has an unrelenting positive personality. His high school nickname is One Step, derived from his moves on the dance floor from the ’80s. Maybe Brian did the Mannequin, derived from the Robot from the Styx hit “Mr. Roboto.” I’m taking a walking lead off first base here, just glad the son of One Step is a two-step athlete. 

Arena’s - If you’re expecting to read about Brud Lee or Ramsey and Andrew Schrader, stop thinking about bars that serve great sandwiches; I’m talking sports. Remember how the pandemic revealed personalities that like to persecute restaurant servers? What is that all about? I am a sports photojournalist who takes a million photos a year. I post them in albums on my Facebook page, and a few end up in the Cape Gazette. My business model is “free and overpriced.” Why do any of us do what we do? I want a sports story to partly tell itself through photos; the rest I’ll make up. Anyone between the lines is fair game, and that includes photographers in blue chairs just outside the lines. Not everyone likes what I do. “I didn't give you permission to take my child’s picture,” but trust me, my mission is not to embarrass any athlete. But if they are bleeding, throwing up or ranting at a referee, I may use that photo because it’s part of the story – what modern-day posers call “the narrative.” 

Wild times at finish lines - I capture cross country races early and at the finish line. High school runners from JV to varsity mostly sell out, frantically fighting for every position heading into the finish chute. I’m sure I look like a cheesy driveway buddha with an inflated sense of self-confidence. Cross country is just a beautiful sport, and you don’t have to be horse rocker Rod Stewart to know every picture tells a story. The Cape boys and Sussex Academy girls ran their way to Henlopen Conference Championships. A complete listing of expanded results can be found at The state championship races for Division I and II will be Saturday, Nov. 11, at Killens Pond, and the booth people don't play around.  Bring $4 for the entrance fee and no large denominations (Catholic joke book).

Two games ahead - The NFL is halfway to mediocre. Many weekend games are absolute dogs. But those dogs bite. The Eagles next host the Washington Commanders (lame name) on Monday Night Football Nov. 14. The Eagles are early 10-point favorites. Take Washington and the points. Dallas is the biggest threat to Philly’s chances as the NFC’s top seed. Best to stay two games ahead of them before playing there on Christmas Eve.

Who is Houston? Can the city of Houston bask in World Series glory like Philly was ready to do? I think Philly fans are the basking sharks of the seven seas. Houston is the fourth most populous city in the United States. Wikipedia sells Houston hard for its culture and racial diversity. “Houston is home to one of the largest LGBTQ communities and pride parades in the United States.” Philly has the Mummers. Here is a list of Philly Street names I found in an article by Dan McQuade at Mole Street, Shunk Street, Shackamaxon Street, Passyunk Avenue, Flat Rock Road, Mermaid Lane, Tackawanna Street and Narcissus Road. You hear the accent, you know Philly, but when has anyone ever said, “You sound like you’re from Houston.” 

Snippets - Northwestern field hockey beat Maryland last week in the semifinals of the Big 10 tournament. Afterward, Alia Marshall was interviewed on the Big 10 Network. Alia smiled when the interviewer said Rehoboth Beach, and then Alia went over to the fence to give her mom Mary a hug. The Cats are the No. 2 seed in the upcoming NCAA tournament. Delaware (Noelle Sabbagh) hosts Lehigh Wednesday, Nov. 9, and the winner goes to No. 1 North Carolina Friday, Nov. 11. Salisbury (Maci Long) and Christopher Newport (Marcella Sabbagh) are in the Division III tournament.  Reagan Ciabattoni (Duke) has taken a redshirt season for 2022. Go on now, git!  



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