Bring zombies back to Milton

October 22, 2019

Congratulations to residents, businesses and officials of Milton for hosting a fun-filled day of tricks, treats, music and food as Milton revived its Fall into Milton festival from nearly a decade ago to offer Fall Back into Milton Oct. 19.

The event coincided with the second anniversary of Ogre’s Grove, a comic store in downtown Milton, which, to mark its anniversary, hosted visits from the popular Ghostbusters of the Eastern Shore and comic book artist Josh Shockley of PLB Comics.

Building on those festivities were costume and pumpkin-painting contests, and plenty of hot cider, gumbo, crab cakes, sandwiches, baked goods and music.

The only thing missing was the Zombie Festival, which in recent years anchored a day of zombie giddiness in Milton. Beginning six years ago as a somewhat casual stroll from Po’ Boys restaurant to Milton Historical Society, the Zombie Walk started as day ended and darkness fell, setting a spooky mood.

The Zombie Walk was just quirky enough to capture attention, and the event quickly blossomed. Its success would inspire Milton Theatre officials to become involved as organizers, helping to expand the offerings, attract thousands of visitors and raise funds.

This year, the theater’s plans to grow the festival fell out of sync with the expectations of Milton officials.

That’s too bad. But now with a year to plan, let’s hope Fall Back into Milton organizers will work with theater officials to bring the zombies back home to Milton. The walk was a great finale to an event that was well on its way to anchoring the town’s fall season.

Milton Theatre has done an excellent job offering classes and events that enrich the community and draw people downtown. With the theater’s recent expansion and planned renovations, Milton Theatre is unquestionably an important player in the future of downtown Milton.

That makes it critical for theater officials to find a way to work constructively with town officials and other organizers to make next year’s Fall Back into Milton Zombie Fest bigger and better than ever.


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