Businesses are keeping us safe!

July 5, 2020

My column for Feb. 28, 2020, was titled, “Travel while you can.” My point was that it’s important to sightsee before we are unable to move about due to physical limitations. Little did I know that the entire world would soon be sheltered in their own homes and communities.

My readers know I try to look for the positive points whenever possible, but I feel tested, or shall I say testy, these days. Even the baby birds nesting in my crepe myrtle are beginning to annoy me.

I know some people are scared about returning to normal activities, but my experience has taught me that our local businesses have thought about the right way to open up their doors to those of us who crave normal routines.

Thus far I have dined inside and outside at several local restaurants in Lewes and Rehoboth. Everyone comes in with a mask, is seated apart from other diners, and the service is better than ever because there are fewer customers. Megan at the Big Fish Grill checked on our table no less than nine times last Sunday. How many refills of iced tea can you drink?

To avoid crowds at the beaches, we have visited midweek, arrived by 8 a.m. and left by 10 or 11. We saw more sand crabs and more unbroken shells than during any previous season in the last 10 years. The pelicans flew in formation at the water’s edge.

Last week, we visited the Rehoboth Beach Film Society’s Cinema Art Theater. In the small theater, they have put orange dots on 10 seats for your choosing. We all donned masks. How wonderful to see an independent film outside my own home rather than search Netflix. Haven’t you watched enough news for an entire lifetime? Sign up online for tickets.

Also, I ventured into the Village Salon and Spa, but not until I announced my arrival by phone while waiting in my car. I was met at the door by a staff person who took my temperature and handed me a sterile mask in a sealed bag. She asked me the proper protocol of questions, and I signed the form and was escorted to my appointment.

The Cape Water Taxi is an exceptional experience. Here’s how it has improved. Usually you have to arrive 40 minutes before departure to assure seating, if you are bringing dinner. Now you reserve by phone and are assigned a table or two tables depending on how many are in your party. Masks must be worn if you leave your seat.

Our sunset cruise was the best ever, as the captain took us out beyond the lighthouse to see dolphins. Not just one dolphin! We saw at least 20 leaping up together in threes and nines to our applause!

As the tourists descend upon us, we need to be selective about where to go and when. Lots of local folks are fearful, and we have good reason to be. But I intend to venture out more in increments. Our communities and businesses are working hard to keep us as safe as possible, to avoid crowding, and to provide excellent service. Cheers to them! Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!

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