Cape district recognizes community champions and outstanding staff

June 12, 2023

Everyone Fitness and The Pond were recognized as Cape Community Champions at the May 25 Cape Henlopen school board meeting.

Dr. Eileen Baker, supervisor of special programs, said, “Everyone Fitness is a newer partnership that began in March 2023, but one that has proven to be a wonderful opportunity for our students.” Students interning at Everyone Fitness are responsible for wiping down machines, filling sanitary spray bottles, vacuuming, and washing, drying and folding towels. Students who participate in the non-paid internship have the opportunity to participate in a free workout after their shift, and also receive a free Gatorade and a staff shirt. “Everyone Fitness has been so welcoming and genuinely appreciative of the work our students do,” said Baker. “Nick Schwalbauch is the general manager, and we are so grateful for all he has done for our high school vocational program, and we look forward to seeing this partnership continue to flourish”

Accepting the award on behalf of the The Pond staff were two of the current Sussex Consortium student employees, Marcus Carreno and Hunter Wiswall.

In addition to working with students weekly, The Pond hosted an event where Sussex Consortium job coaches worked as hosts, food runners and table clearers so Consortium families and students could enjoy spending time together. Consortium students now work at The Pond several days a week and complete tasks such as filling ice bins for bartenders and waitresses, rolling silverware, filling condiment cups, and doing kitchen prep and light custodial tasks. These are all skills the students can utilize when they are employed at other restaurants or similar locations. “While we are so grateful that The Pond is one of our community partners, and for the opportunities it affords our students, we are beyond appreciative of the event they held for our families,” said Baker. “Seeing our families enjoy a night out with others from their school was truly heartwarming. It was a small gesture that meant so very much to so many.”

For its school Going the Extra Mile winners, the Sussex Consortium selected Chief Custodian Daniel Kimmel and substitute Shyaira Goodwyn-Dineen.

“Dan has been invaluable as our building’s chief custodian,” said Dr. Vivian Bush, Sussex Consortium principal. “He takes pride in our school being prepared and ready for students to learn in the best way possible, and he treats every staff and student with respect. He even created a mural at the entrance of the school to help welcome students and staff each morning.”

Goodwyn-Dineen was also recognized for her outstanding work as a frequent substitute at the Sussex Consortium. “Ms. Goodwyn-Dineen is always willing to work wherever she is needed,” said Bush. “She is very calm and patient with students, is always positive with a smile on her face. It’s evident she truly cares about the students and staff here, and she brings an energy and passion to her role that is invaluable! We are beyond grateful to have both Mr. Kimmel and Ms. Goodwyn-Dineen as part of our staff and district.”



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