Cape Gazette attends NBC Olympics Watch Party at the Loews Sapphire Hotel in Orlando, Fla.

August 14, 2021

 Even though Caeleb Dressel’s family was over 12,000 miles away from the Tokyo Olympics, they felt as if they were right there with him, and “the mood was electric,” said Rick Dressel. Caeleb is the nephew of Rick and Ruth Ann, who reside in Rehoboth Beach.


 Rick, along with over 100 family members and friends, spent six days in Reunion Resort in a 14,000-square-foot home rented by Speedo. They enjoyed attending the NBC Watch Party at the Loews Sapphire Hotel to watch Caeleb compete for the gold. 


Shown reading the Gazette as they eagerly wait for Caeleb to swim are Rick and Ruth Ann’s grandchildren Grayden and Ava Ripanti holding the newspaper, and in back (l-r) are Ruth Ann, Rick, and Anthony and Stephanie Ripanti, who are Rick and Ruth Ann’s son-in-law and daughter from Townsend. 

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