Cape High pathway prepares students for teaching careers

Academy jump-starts future profession
May 9, 2019

Cape High students interested in teaching can become certified paraprofessionals before graduating, thanks to the K-12 teacher academy.

Teacher Linda Marvel said the career technical educational pathway gives students a solid foundation of knowledge before they even enter college.

“The program allows us to grow our own teachers and support staff, because after college, most teachers come back to teach within a 50-mile radius of where they grew up,” Marvel said.

Students learn about growth and development in all stages of a child’s life; they also learn about curriculum and instruction methods. Juniors spend at least 50 hours assisting in different classrooms, and seniors complete classroom internships.

Marvel said the goal is for all students who complete the pathway to become certified paraprofessionals before they graduate from high school.

“Then, they’re eligible to work as paraprofessionals in our summer program,” Marvel said.

Junior Madison Nichols works in the third-grade pod at Love Creek Elementary. She said ever since she was young, she wanted to be a teacher.

“I love working with young kids,” she said. “I pair up with students to help them with reading.”

Senior George Simmons III helped Love Creek fourth-grader Alessandro Rubio on the mystery story he is writing. George spends an hour every other day working with students. In the fall, he’ll study English education at the University of Delaware.

“I first thought I wanted to be a high school or college English teacher, but this is really fun,” he said. “I love coming here.”

George says he enjoys bonding with younger students.

“You connect with them to help them learn the material,” he said. “You can’t just throw stuff at them. You have to be there for them and care about them like a big brother would.”

Students net teaching awards

Cape High’s Educators Rising members netted 14 awards at the recent state championship. Educators Rising is a career-technical student organization that prepares students for careers in teaching.

Cape’s team placed in the following categories. The Gold Bell designation represents the top of the Gold place winners. All Gold Bell or Gold winners are eligible to compete at the national championships.

Pre-K Children’s Literature: Gold to Lucy Siranides and Madison Nichols; Bronze to Marelyn Rodriguez-Arevalo
Creative Lecture: Bronze to Teaghan Van Brunt
Public Speaking: Silver to Berenice Baltazar-Gomez
Educators Rising Moment: Bronze to Dora Perez
Exploring Administrative Careers: Bronze to Josephine Mulveny
Job Interview: Silver to Alan Marin-Quiroz
CTE Lesson Plan and Delivery: Bronze to Tailea West
Arts Lesson Plan and Delivery: Bronze to Brandi Anderson and Blanca Paredes-Tovar
STEM Lesson Plan and Delivery: Bronze to Aubrey Card
Impromptu Lesson Plan: Gold Medal and Gold Bell to George Simmons III

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