Cape students sew success

August 6, 2019

At a time when many high school students head off to college not knowing how to sew on a button, Cape High textile students recently sewed and designed their way to success at national competition in California.

Ashlyn Moore earned gold in fashion construction for a shimmering floor-length gown, placing seventh in the nation in a competition that featured students from schools that specialize in sewing.

Jasmine Mayo earned gold for designing a clothing line of four outfits and developing a business plan for a clothing line that will help support children in Kenya.

Kimberly Aiken went retro, winning silver for a vintage dress she made from a pattern she found in a 1954 issue of Vogue.

Molly Godwin and Andreza Barros teamed up to earn bronze for their design of a tropical hotel room called Mar Terra, while Mikiyah Ennals took bronze in recycle and redesign for a jumper she made from an old pair of men’s overalls.

These students demonstrate skills and accomplishment in fashion and design that go well beyond the hems and seams that once dominated high school sewing classes. They have developed skills that some will consider old-fashioned, but these students may well have a head start on fascinating careers in fashion, costume design and production, and interior design. These are skills that are in high demand – especially in Hollywood where the competition was held.

These students also show an inspiring interest in the world around them, from recycling old material to supporting children in Africa and designing a tropical hotel room and naming it in Portuguese.

There’s nothing old school about these students or their projects. They brought energy, creativity and ingenuity to very different tasks, which they accomplished in medal-winning style.

Well done, textile students, and kudos to teacher Alayna Aiken for establishing a space that encouraged students to develop their ideas and demonstrate their craft at the national level.

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