Character matters in Rehoboth Beach

July 31, 2020

We are supporting Stan Mills for mayor, and Patrick Gossett and Jay Lagree for city commissioner in the upcoming Rehoboth Beach municipal election Aug. 8 (please consider voting absentee in advance to be safe).  Certainly their valuable experience is an enormous asset in dealing with the complex and thorny issues the city faces in its future, and their deep knowledge and history allow them the context they need to tackle them.  All three are in this race for one principal reason - public service.  

These are not jobs for advancement or stepping stones for something else.  There is no overarching agenda; they have no hidden allegiances, they fully understand the oath they take to serve the citizens as is their duty.   The three care strongly and passionately about the city we had, we have, and will have going forward.  Their opponents tout new ideas, but all old ideas were new once, and it is best to know what worked and what didn’t, and what is worth revisiting and what is not.  And all are more than capable of new ideas on their own.  

Knowing them well as friends and colleagues matters too. You get to know the challenges they have faced personally and you get a glimpse of what they are made of.  We and the voters of Rehoboth are grateful to choose them to represent us on the commission.  They deserve our vote and support.  

Kate and Bunky Markert
Rehoboth Beach 


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