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February 10, 2023

Well, everyone, we have complained about the overbuilding in Sussex County (Lewes and its environs). We continue to see homes popping up faster than dandelions, but at least most of the building was being done on open fields. Yet some of them had trees, which is the purpose of this letter.

Travel around the Lewes area and look at what our wonderful Sussex County Council has approved (don't forget the planning & zoning commission too). Three areas where trees have either been mostly or completely removed: 1. Camp Arrowhead Road about two miles from intersection with Angola Road. 2. Just past the intersection of Robinsonville Road and Harts Road (can't miss this, as it looks like a logging camp with most of the trees removed). 3. The intersection of Hollyville Road and Zoar Road (this is the most egregious clear-cut of trees).

You can't blame the developers. They only do what they are allowed to do. As more and more areas are approved for development with an ever-increasing loss of tree habitat, the situation will only get worse.

Unfortunately, no one in this great state of Delaware will help with this situation. I have written the governor with no response. Forget the state Legislature. Certainly not DelDOT. And don't forget our infamous leaders on both the planning & zoning commission and, most importantly, Sussex County Council. 

I am not against development (no, I am not a tree hugger), but what has taken place in this county over the last five years is an embarrassment.

So I have decided to write the Cape Gazette just to air my grievances. Citizens of Sussex County, wake up and smell the coffee, because this situation is not going to change unless we clean house in both the county council and planning & zoning commission. This probably will not happen, so what is next? Nothing, unfortunately!

The only thing left is to try and convince the developers (keep our government officials out of it) to soften the destruction of our habitat by maybe building fewer homes on a parcel and leaving more trees standing. Hopefully all our builders can come to some kind of consensus to get what both of us want. I think this is our only hope.

Dennis McAlinden 


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