Coastal Clean Car Wash opens in Long Neck

January 11, 2020

Coastal Clean Car Wash opened its doors in late December offering Delaware beach residents blue-ribbon car washes that will have them cruisin’ in style.

General Manager Brad Graves renovated the former Long Neck Car Wash at 25901 John J. Williams Hwy. in Millsboro, creating a fun, vintage 1960s experience. “We sought to create a unique sense of nostalgia which would appeal to Delaware beach residents of all ages,” Graves said.

Motorists can treat their vehicles to one of three car wash options named after popular Beach Boys songs: Surfin’ Safari for $20, Good Vibrations for $17 or Catch A Wave for $10.

Coastal Clean’s professional staff also provides motorists the option of choosing hands-on towel dry and interior cleaning including interior vacuuming and a dash and door jambs wipe.

Customers can join Coastal Clean’s Car Club, where members are rewarded with big savings as they enjoy unlimited washes for as little as $24.99/month. “Besides our quality service and fun retro theme, the main thing that separates us from our competition is our state-of-the-art equipment,” Graves said.

“During renovations, we have installed two sets of top and side Envirosoft second-generation brushes. The first set is just after the soap is applied and ensures your car is incredibly clean. The second set follows our Wax Wave Arch, and they polish the wax deep into the paint of your car for a deluxe shine that lasts and protects,” he said.

Coastal Clean’s top-of-the-line McNeil RS-550 Super Sonic Wheel and Body Washer is the only one in the state south of Wilmington and provides an extra clean to tires, rocker panel and mounted running boards.

The new equipment can also provide vehicles with protection from ocean and road salt. “Our medium-pressure undercarriage wash removes salt while simultaneously applying a rust inhibitor to protect your car. The protectant we have chosen, Clean Shield Plus, leaves your car with a mirror finish and an additional layer of defense,” Graves said.

“Your car is important to us, whether it’s sparkling new or an oldie but a goodie,” he said.

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