Connections flower through Lewes woman’s Facebook group

July 28, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic introduced a world of social distancing that has left many longing for social connection.

Victoria Brown of Lewes recognized this need and started a Facebook group called Sisterhood of the Traveling Flowers & Plants - Delaware. Since the group started in May, it has quickly turned into a source of optimism for many and grown to include 750 local Delaware members.

To participate in the Facebook group, members are tasked with safely delivering flowers or plants to the front doorstep of the home of other group members overnight. Once a plant is received, the recipient posts a photo online of their potted present so the rest of the online community knows they have been “planted.”

“I thought it was great to get out of the house during the quarantine and make someone’s day,” said Brown. “One small gesture can change a person's outlook on life.” The group has brought her closer to people she would have otherwise never met to build this online community. She said, “I have received many messages from ladies who were going through depression or personal issues. Being planted made them feel so happy and important.”

Brown is encouraged to see how contagious generosity can be, especially during a time where people need to be reminded of the power that kindness and positivity can bring.

To join Sisterhood of the Traveling Flowers & Plants - Delaware, people just have to answer a few simple questions: Do you love plants? Are you willing to pay it forward when you receive? Do you live in the state of Delaware?

For more information, go to Facebook and find Sisterhood of the Traveling Flowers & Plants - Delaware.


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