Construction booming in Cape Region

December 28, 2018

The nation may be seeing a slowdown in new construction, but here in the Cape Region, more building is now underway or in the pipeline than at any time since the Great Recession.

More than 11,500 lots or units are on the books – already under construction, approved or pending – with no end in sight. Site work or construction is underway on projects that will create more than 5,000 lots or units.

More than 350,000 square feet of new commercial space has also been approved or is pending review. In addition, Sussex County officials also approved five new hotels with more than 430 rooms.

In fiscal year 2018, 263 land-use applications were filed, an increase of 87 from fiscal 2017. During the last fiscal year, county officials approved 22 new subdivisions with nearly 2,000 lots as well as 22 rezonings, 42 conditional uses and 177 site plans, 68 more site plans than the previous fiscal year.

In addition, local hospitals and Cape Henlopen School District have undertaken major construction projects, including Beebe Healthcare’s $200 million plans for projects in coastal Sussex. The new $314 million, 444,000-square-foot Bayhealth Hospital – Sussex Campus near Milford, scheduled to open in February 2019, while the new $25 million, 90,000-square-foot Sun Behavioral Health opened in Georgetown in October.

The following is a list of projects on the way or already under construction. To view how the information printed in the Dec. 28, 2018 issue of the Cape Gazette, click here.

Construction underway

Tidewater Landing, Robinsonville Road, Lewes – 195 single-family lots

Governors, Gills Neck Road, Lewes – 423 condominium units on 254 acres

Four Seasons at Belle Terre, Mulberry Knoll Road, Lewes – 269 single-family lots on 124 acres

Somerset Green, Plantation Road and Shady Road, Lewes – 53 townhouse units on 6 acres

Coastal Club, Beaver Dam Road, Lewes –630 units on 360 acres

Sawgrass North, Old Landing Road, Rehoboth – new phase under construction

Stonewater, Phase 7, Route 5, Long Neck – 100 units on 60 acres

Marsh Farm Estates, Camp Arrowhead Road, Lewes – 134 single-family lots

Lewes Crossing, Phase 8, Beaver Dam Road, Lewes – 42 single-family lots on 19 acres

Showfield, Gills Neck Road, Lewes – 166 single-family lots on 135 acres
Redden Ridge, Old Landing Road, Rehoboth Beach – 97 single-family lots on 35 acres

The Farm at Truitt Homestead, Shuttle Road, Rehoboth Beach – 90 single-family units and an 88-unit assisted living facility on 23 acres

Saddle Ridge, Route 24, Lewes – 81 single-family lots on 37 acres

Pelican Point, Indian Mission Rd., Long Neck – 365-single family homes on 200 acres, at build out

The Vineyards at Nassau Valley, Route 9, Lewes – Phase 3 underway consisting of 108 apartment units, 56 condominiums and 25 single-family homes

Woods at Arnell Creek, Old Landing Road, Rehoboth Beach – 32 single-family lots

Springtown Farms, Cool Spring Road, Milton – 41 single-family lots on 45 acres

Spring Haven, Cool Spring Road, Milton – 18 single-family lots

Egret Estates, Wil King Road, Lewes – 12 lots on 12 acres

Woodridge, Cool Spring Road, near Long Neck – 188 lots

Hawthorne, Route 9, near Gravel Hill – 213 lots with 41 additional lots approved

Cedar Grove, Cedar Grove Road, Lewes – 25 single-family homes

Stonewater Creek, Route 5, near Long Neck – 100 single-family lots

Middle Creek Preserve, Angola Road, Lewes – 314 single-family lots on 146 acres

Tall Grass Estates, Wil King Road, Lewes – 16 single-family lots on 18 acres

Villas at Lewes Crossing, Beaver Dam Road, Lewes – 80 single-family lots on 19.5 acres

Carillon Woods, Indian Mission Road, Long Neck – 204 units in 7 apartment buildings on 27 acres. A massive fire destroyed part of the project Nov. 8

Housing site work underway

Arbor-Lyn, Warrington Road, Rehoboth Beach – 60 single-family, 82 townhouses, 60 apartments on 35 acres

Residences at Rehoboth Bay, Route 24, Love Creek bridge, Lewes – six, 3-story condominium units

Covered Bridge Trails, off Tulip Drive, Lewes – 134 units on 37 acres

Harbor Point, Park Road, Lewes – 69 single-family lots on 108 acres

Arbors at Cottagedale (now known as Coastal Tide), Mackenzie Way off Plantation Road, Lewes – 168 units in 6 apartment buildings. Site cleanup underway

Vines at Sand Hill, Sand Hill Road, Milton – 393 lots on 262 acres

Baylis Estates, Mount Joy Road, Long Neck – 37-lot expansion

Spring Breeze, Hollymount Road, Long Neck – 235 single-family lots on 140 acres

Estates at Cedar Grove, Beaver Dam Road and Kendale Road, Lewes – 90 single-family lots on 71 acres

Marsh Island, Camp Arrowhead Road, near Lewes – 152 single-family lots

Approved housing projects

Groome property, New Road, Lewes – 293 single-family lots on 135 acres

Tanager Woods, Wil King Road, Lewes – 168 single-family lots on 103 acres  

Boardwalk Development, Angola Road/Angola Beach Road near Long Neck – 201 units on 60 acres

Overbrook Meadows, east side of Route 1-Cave Neck Road intersection, Milton – 135 single-family lots on 64 acres

Kindleton, Robinsonville Road, Lewes – 90 single-family lots, 49 acres

Acadia, Conley’s Chapel Road and Dorman Road, Lewes – 234 single-family lots on 117 acres

Anchors Run, Beaver Dam Road, Lewes – 133 single-family lots on 265 acres

Oak Landing, Oak Orchard Road – 163-single family lots on 60 acres

Outer Banks North and Outer Banks South/Edge Marine LLC, Jimtown and Robinsonville roads, Lewes – 49 single-family lots on 33 acres

Beach Tree Preserve, Robinsonville Road and Route 24, Lewes – 155 single-family lots on 78 acres

Wellesley, Warrington Road and Route 24, Rehoboth Beach – 132 single-family lots on 73 acres

The Grove at Love Creek, Cedar Grove and Ward roads, Lewes – 247 single-family lots on 200 acres

Lovett’s Reserve, Camp Arrowhead Road, Lewes – 31 single-family lots on 14 acres

Hailey’s Glen, Angola Road near Lewes – 68 single-family lots on 32 acres

Headwater Cove, Dorman Road near Route 24 – 163 single-family lots on 82 acres

The Villas, Benson Road, Ellendale – 28 single-family lots on 31 acres

Majestic Meadows, Hudson Road, Milton – 26 lots

Ocean Meadows, Beaver Dam Road, Lewes – 100 single-family lots on 70 acres

The Evergreene Companies, Gills Neck Road, Lewes – Rezoning from AR-1 to MR for 24 units on 7 acres

Osprey Point, Old Landing Road, Rehoboth Beach – 217 units on 127 acres

MDI Investment Group, Shady Road, Lewes – 41 multifamily units on 7 acres

Burton’s Pond I (Walden I), Route 24 and Hollymount Road, Long Neck – 265 single-family lots on 159 acres

Burton’s Pond II (Walden II), Route 24 and Sloan Road, Long Neck – 100 townhouses on 53 acres

River Rock Glen, Hudson Road, Milton – 26 single-family lots

Fieldstone, Cedar Grove Road, Lewes – 247 single-family lots on 201 acres

KHM Ventures, 18834 Munchy Branch Road, Rehoboth Beach – 20 multifamily housing units on 5 acres

Peach Tree Acres, Route 9, Lewes – expansion of 114 residential units

Lewes Shores Estates, Hudson Road, Milton – 61 single-family lots on 81 acres

Compass Point, Hudson Road, Milton – 277 single-family lots on 135 acres

Woodfield Preserves expansion, Route 16, Milton – 36 lots on 26 acres

Love Creek Marina, Route 24, Lewes – 180 multifamily units, 5,000-square-foot restaurant, 500 square feet of commercial

Reviewed by state planners

Chapell Farm, northwest corner of Cave Neck Road and Route 1, Milton – site plan for 156 residential units, 45,000 square feet of commercial space on 15 acres

Cannery Village, Phase IV, Cave Neck Road, Milton – 122 single-family units on 28 acres

82,300-square-foot hotel, Route 24 near Plantation Road intersection, Rehoboth Beach

Showfield Lewes, Freeman Highway and Gills Neck Road, Lewes – 129 single-family lots on 81 acres

Henlopen Meadows, Angola Beach Road – 201 single-family lots on 60 acres

Admiral’s Chase, Gills Neck Road, Lewes – 26 units, 7 acres (zoning change from AR-1 to MR)

Overbrook Meadows West, Route 1 and Cave Neck Road, Milton – 105 single-family lots on 50 acres

Bridlewood, east of Banks Road, Long Neck – 677 lots on 311 acres

Proposed/pending housing

Patriots Glen, Route 24 near Oak Orchard Road, Long Neck – 157 single-family lots on 50 acres

Francis Warrington, 20873 Old Landing Road, Rehoboth – 22 multifamily units on 5 acres

Triple B Farms LLC – Rezoning request from AR-1 to I-1 for an 18-acre parcel at the intersection of Hudson Road and Route 9, Milton

Four C’s Property LLC – Rezoning request from AR-1 to C-2 for a parcel at 32182 Nassau Road, Lewes

Ronald Nanney – Rezoning request from AR-1 to C-2 for a parcel at 18490 Harbeson Road, near Route 9, Milton

The Villas, Phase 1 and Phase 2, Long Neck Road and Bayshore Drive, Long Neck – 323 apartment-style condominiums on 37 acres

Street Property, between Wil King Road and Robinsonville Road, Lewes – 173 single-family lots on 102 acres

Peninsula Square, Route 24 and Autumn Road, Long Neck – 150-unit subdivision and 115,000-square-foot commercial center on 30 acres

Wilson Moore, Route 9 and Gravel Hill Road, near Georgetown – 580 single-family lots on 316 acres

Henlopen Meadows, Sand Bay Drive and Camp Arrowhead Road, Lewes – Rezoning for 201-unit subdivision on 60 acres


Holiday Inn Express at Midway, Bryan Drive near Route 1, Rehoboth Beach – 93 rooms; site work underway

Days Inn, Parsonage Road, off Route 1, Rehoboth Beach, 60 rooms

Bayshore Plaza, Route 24, Rehoboth Beach – 71 rooms with future 4,000-square-foot retail
Home 2 Suites by Hilton, Route 1, Ocean One Plaza, Lewes – 110 rooms

Lewes Hotel, Marsh Road and Route 1, Five Points Square, Lewes – 96 rooms

Approved commercial

Nassau DE Acquisition Co., Route 1 and Old Mill Road, Lewes – Rezoning from AR-1 to MR, AR-1 to C-2 commercial for offices

W&B Hudson Family and J. Floyd Lingo, intersection of Harbeson Road and Route 9 – rezoning request to CR-1 for Royal Farms convenience store

Stockley Materials, Route 9 near Five Points, Lewes – relocation of business. Site work underway

LMHT LLC – Rezoning from AR-1 to B-1 for a 6-acre parcel near the intersection of Plantation Road and Route 24 for offices

Mitchell Family Limited Partnership – 39,000-square-foot medical office complex at intersection of Gills Neck Road and Kings Highway, Lewes

Ferguson Enterprises – Rezoning from AR-1 to C-5 commercial on 5-acre site along Route 9 near Five Points, Lewes

Beebe Healthcare – Rezoning from AR-1 to I-1 for for new health campus on 20 acres near Warrington Road-Route 24 intersection, Rehoboth

Allen Harim Foods, Pinnacle Way and Iron Branch Road, Millsboro – special-use exception for a deboning facility

Artesian Northern Sussex Water Recycling Facility, near intersection of Route 30 and Route 16, Milton – 75-acre facility

Centre at Love Creek, 84,500-square-foot shopping center, Route 24

Village Center, Gills Neck Road, Lewes – B-1 zoning approved for commercial center less than 75,000 square feet

R&K Partners LLC, 1537 Savannah Road, Lewes – medical offices

Sunlight Ventures Ltd., 29003 Lewes-Georgetown Highway – professional offices

HKLS LLC, Plantation Road and Cedar Grove Road, Lewes – change of zone to B-1 for 30,000 square feet of office space on 4 acres

Ocean Highway LLC, 34130 Citizen’s Drive near Route 1 – change of zone to CR-1

Five Pointe Plaza, Route 1, Lewes – Two-story, 4,840-square-foot building

Pending commercial

Royal Farms, Five Points, Lewes – 5,000-square-foot convenience store; developer must submit new site plan

Approved special projects

Delaware State Police Troop 7, Mulberry Knoll, Lewes – 32,000-square-foot facility on 9 acres to replace existing barracks on Route 1; 27,270-square-foot office and 10,115-square-foot maintenance buildings; under construction

Old Orchard Ventures, c/o Barry Baker, Old Orchard Road, Lewes – 75,000-square-foot assisted-living, skilled-nursing facility

Jefferson School, Wilson Road, Georgetown – New 14,940-square-foot building with administrative office, seven classrooms and gymnasium; ground has been broken

Plantation Senior Housing, Plantation Road and Cedar Grove Road, Lewes – 160,000-square-foot senior living facility with 144 units on 10 acres

Construction underway

Sandhill Fields, Sussex Sports Center Foundation, Sand Hill Road, Georgetown – 8 sports fields, six pickleball courts, walking-running trail, playground, picnic pavilions and restrooms

Lewes Senior Activity Center, Janice Road Lewes – Addition of fitness rooms, lounge, more programming space and outdoor courts to accommodate growing membership

Cool Springs Mini Storage, Route 9 near Fisher Road intersection – 132,000-square-foot facility with mini-storage, warehouse and commercial space


Editor’s note: Projects included are in the Lewes-Rehoboth Beach-Milton area over the past two years. Every effort was made to include as many projects as possible and post their status as accurately as possible using Sussex County records and site visits. The list does not include all older subdivisions with new phases under construction. Acreage for all projects was not provided in county records.


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