Cookie walk treats come right to my door

December 22, 2019

I have never been to a cookie walk, but every Christmas, my neighbor Sue brings a one-pound container to me from Bethel United Methodist Church in Lewes. Delectable, decorated morsels of holiday yumminess which I then place in my own container. It’s better than Amazon Prime.

Last weekend, I attended my very first cookie party at my new neighbor Andrea’s home. Twelve years ago, she began this annual event in her hometown of Glen Rock, N.J., with five friends. This year Mora, Megan and Mary drove to the Lewes location to carry on the tradition.

They each brought three or four recipes, all of the ingredients and utensils, and claimed a corner counter or folding table to work their charm. They rolled, dipped, and sprinkled for about six hours. 

I made only one dough ahead of time and selected a new recipe, white chocolate chunk pomegranate cookies. The recipe said to roll the dough into balls, and insert 6-8 arils into each ball. Did you know the pomegranate seeds are called arils? If you have ever opened up a pomegranate, you know the juice goes everywhere – truly floor to ceiling – but I prepped my one cup, and splattered my own counter and paper towel holder ahead of time.

While these ladies with their kitchen aids and rolling pins worked their magic, I spent about five minutes trying to insert six red seeds into one dough ball. The hostess’ husband, Bob, suggested I use a chopstick end to create the hole first. Thank goodness, his ingenuity worked!

I brought over two oven racks so we had three racks in two preheated ovens. Soon the auction calling began. “Who needs 325?” “I need 350!” “Do I hear 375?”

My next-door neighbor Kathy attended as well. She says, “Baking cookies is my way of expressing love. It is something of an artistic outlet as well.” Kathy estimates she has made 20 dozen since Thanksgiving, because different family members have their own favorites. Paul loves her sugar snowflakes, while son Ben looks forward to her snickerdoodles.

So far this season, I made one recipe of walnut crescents for my son Nick. Whenever I make this cookie, I recall a conversation with my mother-in-law years ago.

Mother-in-law: What kind of cookie did you make?

Me: Walnut crescents.

Mother-in-law: But those don’t look like crescents.  

Me: Yes, it’s easier to make a full moon.

Mother-in-law: I see. What kind of nut did you use? These don’t taste like walnuts.

Me: That’s because I used pecans.

We both laughed when she said, “So you made pecan moons!”

No matter what nut you prefer, many organizations entice us with cookie walks during the holidays, such as St. Peter’s Episcopal Church and the Lewes Senior Activity Center. And they are crowd-pleasers who deserve our recognition. Blue ribbons. Gold Medal Flour gift certificates. At the very least a thank you for making our holidays less busy than theirs.

Most important, monies raised from their efforts will support local charities.

My neighbors Kevin and Dan just texted me to say they are bringing over a box of their Pizzelles. I have the best neighbors in the entire town! Plus, they deliver.

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