Counting our summer blessings

July 19, 2019

Local peaches and local corn are a reminder that we live in a fertile part of the world with farmers who know how to produce amazing crops. Tomatoes – the staple vegetable of local gardens – are coming on strong, to the delight of so many who consider simple tomato sandwiches one of the highlights of summer.

Flocks of beautiful shorebirds soar above our coastal communities adding constant interest to the skies. White ibises and glossy ibises flying in Vs, with distinctive curved bills, join legions of white egrets trading among the many lakes and ponds in the areas where they feed and roost.

Ocean temperature has risen to a point that is refreshing on these 90-plus-degree days.

It’s the beaches that provide primary access to the ocean, drawing millions of people each season.

Watch kids of all ages bouncing in the surf, laughing and competing with the gulls with their shrieks, body surfing, skimboarding, boogie boarding or full-on surfing, and you’ll see why so many consider the beach one of the greatest and most affordable joys to be had on this planet. 

Summer is when we can be outside in more daylight hours than any other time of the year. That outside activity, especially in the morning before singing cicadas signal the day’s heat, improves our mental and physical health – something we can all benefit from.    

It’s also the time of the year to enjoy the coolness of shade under leafy hardwood trees – especially with a cold drink in your hand – when the sun really starts cranking. 

We’re very fortunate to live here in this special place that naturally provides so many good things affordable to all. Let’s not take it for granted, nor allow apathy to ever dull our passion for seeking ways to preserve and enhance summer’s blessings that we enjoy and appreciate so much.  


  • Editorials are considered by the editorial board and written by Dennis Forney, Publisher Emeritus, with occasional contributions from other board members: Trish Vernon, CoPublisher and Editor; Dave Frederick, Sports Editor Emeritus; Jen Ellingsworth, Associate Editor; Nick Roth, Sports Editor; and Chris Rausch, CoPublisher and General Manager.

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