Create a personal dreamcatcher at Jan. 13 workshop

Seating is limited
January 11, 2018

Sue Greer, clairvoyant, healer and shaman, will offer a workshop on making a personalized dreamcatcher from 3 to 6 p.m., Saturday, Jan. 13, at the Yoga Studio 24, 33247 Fairfield Road, Lewes, near Peddlers Village. Cost of the workshop is $60 and includes materials. Participants are encouraged to bring small items of personal importance like shells, crystals, feathers, etc., to add to their dreamcatcher.

Making dreamcatchers is a Native American tradition from many generations ago. Some storytellers' traditions suggest that the Ojibwe people developed dreamcatchers as a way of protecting their children from bad dreams and connecting them to spirit. The original dreamcatchers were woven of willow twigs and had thread from the stalk of the stinging nettle.

Feathers, pine cones, and semiprecious stones were woven into the dreamcatchers. They were hung above the baby's sleeping place to draw good dreams, which slid down the feathers to shield the baby and ensnare bad dreams, which would evaporate in the light of the new day. Some believe that the movement of feathers on a dreamcatcher shows the passage of good dreams.

In recent times, dreamcatchers have been seen more as decorations than as sacred objects. This workshop will focus on the ancient tradition of dreamcatchers as protection, inspiration, and a way to connect to the web of life. Greer will lead participants in a spirit journey to bring back personal dreams and hold that vision and focus, as they build these into their dreamcatchers.

Greer has been a healer for most of her life. She discovered her clairvoyance at the age of 5 and was mapping energy currents through the body in high school. She is a practitioner of energy medicine, working along the energy pathways of the body to help open psychic and emotional blockages. She has studied with many teachers, including a Cherokee Medicine Woman in North Carolina to whom she was apprenticed for three years.

Greer is trained as a shaman to conduct soul retrievals and other sacred rites. Her style as a workshop leader is warm, engaging, insightful and fun. She has offices at Quakertown Wellness on Savannah Road in Lewes, in Alexandria, Va. and in Silver Spring, Md.

She is also available to work with individuals in creating their own personal, unique dreamcatcher based on information gained from a reading she will do. Cost of the individual dreamcatcher will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Seating is limited for the workshop; contact Greer at to register.