Crystal Trust awards $150K to Delaware Ag Museum

January 12, 2021

The Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village announced the receipt of a $150,000 grant from the Crystal Trust to support the restoration of historic buildings in its 1890s Village.

The grant will be used to ensure the structural integrity and authenticity of buildings such as the Carney Farmhouse, c. 1893; the Woodside Train Station, c. 1864; the Mill Lane Schoolhouse, c. 1850; the Reed General Store, c. 1873; and other historic 19th century edifices that have made the ag museum and its 1890s Village popular destinations for visitors from near and far.

The museum recently rededicated the beautifully restored St. Thomas Episcopal Methodist Church, c. 1857, which is now available for private wedding ceremonies.

The Crystal Trust grant and other financial gifts from public and private organizations and donors help ensure that artifacts of Delaware’s rich agricultural and rural life will be preserved for generations to come.

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