CV19 Team Challenge raises $6,000 for nonprofits

May 29, 2020

The CV19 Team Challenge finished up May 24 with 241 runners and walkers from 21 states and a runner in Germany finishing their final distance of five miles, giving each of the 80 teams 43.4 miles over seven distances. Each team member chose two distances and the five-miler to complete in the challenge. The challenge has raised almost $6,000 for five nonprofits, totaling almost $17,000 since April 1.   

The Cape Henlopen Food Basket led the donations with $1,640, while the Seashore Striders totaled $1,576. The Beebe COVID-19 Relief Fund came in at $1,002, and the Brandywine Valley SPCA garnered $845. Lastly, a donation to Feeding America was sent in the amount of $766.  

The 80 teams divided up six different run/walk distances over 19 days and completed the distances, sending in a photo of their watch or measuring program along with a selfie photo at the finish. One of the best parts of this challenge was the extra requirements each team had to meet. Each team member had to make a donation to one of the five nonprofits as well as complete a volunteer or “giving back” piece such as giving blood, making a mask or dropping off canned goods to the Striders’ collection box, which filled the rear of the Striders’ trailer. The Striders delivered the food to the Cape Henlopen Food Basket Wednesday morning with the help of team Second Grade Sprinters comprising Robbie Myers, Brady Sherman and Kai Mundok.

Results of the challenge can be found at

K9 Division

1. Left, Right, Left, SQUIRREL! (Cindy Dieterle, Jules Woodall, Laurene Johnson) - 5:57:55

2. The Dog Gone Dashers (Jennifer Quade, Kate Garland, Suellen Vickers) - 6:52:49

3. You Had Me at Woof (Dana MacElrevey, Meryl Ludwig, Monique Bamforth) - 10:10:48

Male Division

1. Truffle Shufflers (Dylan Smiley, Nick Cruz, Sean Saxton) - 4:45:05

2. Seashore Striders Racing Team (Francisco Puac, Martin Rodriguez, Reginaldo Hernandez) - 5:26:59

3. TeamVern (Alex Holm, Andrew Albright, Eric Albright) - 5:56:22

4. Team TriCoach (Anthony Kline, Bruce Clayton, Chuck Connor) - 6:32:16

5. Born to be Ohio’s Oatmeal Outlaws (Mark Oster, Rich Oldrieve, Robert Ashmun) - 6:33:20

Female Division

1. Running for the Quarantini (Amanda Dattaro, Brooke Schneid, Lisa Czop) - 7:10:02

2. Long Distance Relay-tionship (Claudia Heim, Elizabeth Gerritt, Erin Johnson) - 7:25:14

3. Track Alumni & 2 Spokes (Elizabeth Melson, Katie Kuhlman, Melanie McCloy) - 7:39:49

4. Loblolly Lunatics (Jeanine Yzaguirre, Lori Holdsworth, Maureen Pinkerton) - 8:07:41

5. Baby Got Track (Alison Myers, Aubrie Myers, Lainey Shockro) - 8:19:45

Coed Division

1. No Mask Required (Katie Pokorny, Michael Sewell, Trent Sewell) - 5:39:43

2. 3,000 miles & 3 Furlongs (Gavin Furlong, Karen Shemwell, Nolan Furlong) - 6:03:44

3. Symptomatic Striders (Benjamin Schreiber, Nicole Boyle, Ryan Clee) - 6:07:06

4. In Our 20s But Hardly Our First Crisis (Austin MacElrevey, Kaisha Bentick, Madison MacElrevey) - 6:19:33

5. 2 Bitches and a Gay (Colin Bodels, Danielle Hernandez, Jo Ann Moore) - 6:30:51.

Masser 5 Miler

For the first time in 30 years, the Seashore Striders Summer Racing Series kicked off virtually, with the Masser 5-Miler in its 27th year. A total of 150 runners and walkers signed up for the event and took part virtually from 6 a.m. to noon, May 24, with a five-miler on their own, sending in the results for verification. When the dust settled and all 150 participants finished hitting “send,” it was Milford runner Nick Cruz capturing the overall male title in 26:19, while Josephine Ledford of Lake Forest High School captured the overall female title in 31:32.

Martin Rodriguez of Selbyville was the runner-up in the featured event in a time of 28:51, while Jeff Young of Wayne, Pa., in 29:20 was third overall. On the female side of the virtual action, Susan Greally of Millsboro ran 33:01 for second, while Shannon McKenzie of Bethel Park, Pa., ran 35:51 for third and was the top masters runner. Greally, an impressive masters runner as well, moved up to the overall second-place finishing spot in this featured event. On the male masters side, it was Mike Sewell of Lewes finishing fifth in 30:07. Race results can be found at

Beebe Heroes Virtual 5K Run/Walk

Join the Seashore Striders for an inaugural event at the beach. The Beebe Heroes 5K Run & Walk is race No. 2 of the Seashore Striders Championship Series, and this year, the event will be virtual. This year you may complete the event anywhere you wish beginning at 12 a.m., Saturday, June 13, and after you complete your run or walk, verify your time by sending an email to Race Director Tim Bamforth at by midnight, Sunday, June 14. The email should include an attached photo of yourself as well as a closeup photo of your logged distance and time. Go to for race information.


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