Dam Mill 5K a showcase for town of Millsboro

Francisco Puac closes fast to win in 16:23
July 31, 2019

Perfect weather presented itself for the 36th running of the Dam Mill 5K in Millsboro July 27. A total of 162 runners toed the line then took off into Millsboro proper. 

The word came back to the finish line by walkie-talkie from Gary Extract, driver of the Seashore Striders golf cart.

“The leaders just passed the two-mile mark and they’re flying,” Gary radioed to Race Director Tim Bamforth. “It’s Francisco [Puac] and some skinny white guy.” 

Francisco, 34, threw down a 5:10 final mile to close his race in 16:23. Jake Bamforth, 22, the skinny white guy, ran a 5:22 to finish his race in 16:37. 

Francisco barely trains and is always fresh for racing. Bamforth, a triathlete, trains three times a day. There are as many training regimens as runners in a race.  

Olivia Montini, 14, won the female open race in 20:40. Faith Mitchell, 13, chased her to the finish line in 20:52. 

Paul Montini, 51, was male masters winner and seventh overall in 18:40. Susan Dunn, 42, won the women’s masters in 21:57. 

The male 9-and-under was won by Hunter Thomas in 24:04, followed by Landon Bratz in 25:23 and Robbie Myers in 29:24. 

The clydesdale open was won by Nick Zaremba in 20:10, while clydesdale masters winner John Yanacek finished in 23:39. 

Filly open top honors went to Rebekah Yanacek in 29:38, while filly masters was won by Laurie Milnes in 34:56. 

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