Dave Nelson and Tubby Raymond local roster connections

100 years of solitude reading rosters of Delaware football
October 16, 2020

The Dave Nelson and Tubby Raymond era spanned 49 years of Delaware Blue Hens football. The Admiral Dave Nelson ran the ship for 14 years from 1952-66. Tubby took over and was at the helm for 35 years through the 2001 season.

The Wing-T offense was beautiful to watch in its precision and deception. Most high school teams in Delaware copied some semblance of the Wing-T, but the Blue Hen playbook was deep and laden with assignment rules for every position.  

Downstate Delaware has always been a place to connect the dots from extended families to sports where paths have crosshatched over the generations.

The University of Delaware has always been in the forefront of technology, from recording and achieving sports histories to developing a friendly, interactive athletic website. 

Listed below are five decades of names by town that are connected to downstate either by birth or later-life residence. Most names just appear once, even if the athlete played four years or if the athlete left after one year.

You may notice Joe Biden playing on the same 1962 team as William Wagamon of Milton, or Charlie Boy Hudson of Georgetown, a teammate of Ray Sweeney of Wilmington in 1972.  

A Delaware resident and sports fan can get lost for days inside those rosters. Google “all-time Delaware football rosters” if you want to treat yourself to 100 years of solitude and fun. 

1952 - Thomas Hocker, Lewes; James Johnson, Milford

1953 - James Cooper, Lewes; Ralph Snowberger, Milford

1954 - Bobby Moneymaker, Seaford; Ralph Snowberger, Milford; Tommy Thomas, Seaford

1955 - Frank Waller, Laurel

1956 - Jack Ellis, Laurel

1957 - John Coffin, Georgetown; Alvin Huey, Milford; Howard Moyer, Dagsboro

1958 - Ben Salloway, Smyrna

1959 - Harold Grosh, Seaford

1960 - Vern Walsh, Claymont; Lenny Nelson, Newark; Irvin Handy, Seaford; Ron McCoy, Smyrna

1961 - Don James, Delmar

1962 - Joe Biden, Wilmington; Don James, Delmar; Don Powell, Delmar; James Smack, Milford; William Wagamon, Milton

1963 - John Dege, Seaford; Larry Sharp, Milford

1964 - Bill Drueding, Bloomsburg, Pa.

1965 - John Miller, Westmont, N.J.

1966 - Jack Holloway, Wilmington; Mike McGlinchey, Newark

1967 - Tom Dimizio, Philly

1968 - Tom Leonard, New Castle; Joe Purzycki, Newark, N.J.

1969 - Jim Colbert, Levittown, Pa.; Bob Pittard, Georgetown; Dale Daugherty, Delmar 

1970 - Jeff Cannon, Georgetown

1971 - Scotty Reihm, Middletown; Ed Romanowski, Levittown, Pa.; Herky Billings, Middletown; William Booth, Georgetown

1972 - Charles Hudson, Georgetown; Ray Sweeney, Wilmington

1973 -  Larry McNair, Dover; Nate Beasley, Dover; Paul Jones, Rehoboth; Ron Allen, Milford; Doug Parker, Seaford

1974 - Fred Sposato, Lewes; Mike Cannon, Georgetown

1975 - Dave Raymond, Newark; Paul Schweizer, Wilmington; Alan Ameche, Malvern, Pa.

1976 - Mike Schonewolf, Reading, Pa; Tony Glenn, Wilmington

1977 - Guy Ramsey, Dover; Jaime Young, Milford

1978 - Vance Belcher, Seaford; Joe Booth, Georgetown

1979 - K.C. Keeler, Emmaus, Pa.; Mike Young, Milford

1980 - Chris Boozer, Towson, Md.; Bob Cairo, Pearl River, N.Y.

1981- Maury Jarmon, Selbyville; Greg Robertson, Seaford

1982 - Dan Reeder, Newark; Gary Cannon, Holmdel, N.J.; Brad Taylor, Dover

1983 - Frank Dowd, Seaford

1984 - Darrell Booker, Willingboro, N.J.

1985 - Frank Mofffett, Camden; Rich Gannon, Philadelphia

1986 - Bryan Bossard, Dover; Hudson Keller, Dover

1987 - Kent Buckson, Camden; Tom Bockius, Newark

1988 - Bill Vergantino, Levittown, Pa.; Ray Hatch, Dover; Randy Organ, Dover; Mike Muehleisen, Newark

1989 - Chris Johnson, Newark; Dale Fry, Middletown

1990 - Jamie Oxford, Dover; Doug Joyce, Gaithersburg, Md.

1991 - Dale Fry, Middletown

1992 - Pat Mulhern, Wallingford, Pa.

1993 - Aaron Kellam, Laurel; Mike Feldman, Smyrna; Corey Smith, Laurel

1994 - Rob Myers, Camden; Joe Warren, Georgetown; Kenny Bailey, Harrington; John Green, Frederica; Rob Tattersall, New Castle; Kurt Hussong, Georgetown; Todd Lawson, Harbeson

1995 - Rob Myers, Frederica; Buckie Booth, Georgetown

1996 - Clifford Lawson, Harbeson

1997 - Matt Nagy, Manheim, Pa.; George Gibbs, Felton

1998 - Sam Postlethwait, Dover; Nate Irvin, Millsboro; Jeff Eanes, Dover; Mike Simpson, Frederica; Brad Travis, Lewes

1999 - Butch Patrick, Newark; Josh Hershelman, Georgetown; Eric Fleetwood, Seaford.


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