Dead Space full remake announced

July 29, 2021

EA held an event last week called EA Play Live, where they basically made up for the fact that they weren’t present at E3/Summer Games Fest. Perhaps the biggest announcement was one that has been rumored for some time, and that is that Dead Space is getting the full remake treatment. 

Dead Space originally released back in 2008 on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. It is regarded as one of the best horror games of that generation, and perhaps of all time. 

The original game still holds up pretty well graphically and gameplay-wise, but the remake treatment will serve it well and bring it to new audiences.

I played (or, tried to play) Dead Space when I got my PS3 in 2010, and I got so scared I removed the disc and never played it again. Now that I’m much older and wiser, I’d like to try the remake and step into the shoes of Isaac Clarke again. 

Creative Director Roman Campos-Oriola spoke to gaming news outlet IGN about how content that was previously cut from the original may now be feasible in the remake. “We started with the original level design of the original Dead Space,” Campos-Oriola said. 

“What’s funny is that you can see some of the iterations that were made prior to ship by the team. In the first chapter, you can see some corridors that they wanted to do first in a certain way, and then you can understand why they changed it for technical constraints or [some other reason].”

This is exciting news for anyone who is fond of horror games, but we are going to have to wait a while - no release date or even release year was announced, but at least we have something to look forward to!

What are your thoughts? Are you excited for the Dead Space remake? Let me know on Twitter: @pixelsnplanners.

  • Cassie Gotto-White is a gamer, a planner babe, and a boba tea fanatic. She discovered her passion for video games at age six when she was given an NES Top Loader by her aunt. Her current main consoles are the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. Some of her favorite games include The Last of Us, the Uncharted series, the Yakuza series, Persona 5, and Night in the Woods. Follow her on Instagram at @planningwithcass and YouTube at

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