Delaware Branding Entertainment to host Milford women entrepreneurs April 2

March 29, 2023

Delaware Branding Entertainment has announced its upcoming broadcast Women Entrepreneurs of Milford, hosted by Deb LaMotta.

The hour-long, live broadcast from Milford studio will feature four established businesswomen in Milford: Cat Perfetti of Stone & Sage, Madula Ntinoy of Westside Diner, Stacey Fibelkorn of FEEBS Distillery and Angie Robles of My Sister’s Fault.

The roundtable discussion will start at 2 p.m., Sunday, April 2, live on the Delaware Branding Entertainment Facebook page, and shared on the guests’ respective business pages. 

The discussion will include the panel's thoughts and processes for starting and maintaining a business, the challenges and the support they get from the city and each other.

Delaware Branding Entertainment is a multimedia production studio that specializes in creating engaging content to boost a brand's social media presence. With a team of experts in video production, photography and graphic design, they are able to produce high-quality content that resonates with a client’s target audience.

“I was really interested in pursuing maximizing social media potential after working with Tyler Greene and Patrick Williams the past couple of years. We had provided a place for bands to play live and would broadcast it real time on Facebook. We would interview the bands and then they would play a set. So this kind of spawned from that,” said Mike Perfetti, Delaware Branding Entertainment co-creator. “The technology is moving so fast. We can currently do photography and multi-camera live broadcasts in our studio, but live remote broadcasts are right around the corner. We can modify our space to accommodate most projects. We can go from a simple single-camera broadcast, to photos on a motorcycle to a Facebook live panel discussion to an employee or large group photoshoot all in the same space. We could even host multi-camera angle yoga or workout instructional sessions with a class. The sky really is the limit here – if you can dream it, we can facilitate it.”

For more information, call 302-422-4538.


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