Delaware brewers release collaboration beer

February 11, 2021

Members of the Delaware Brewers Guild have brewed their versions of a Delaware-inspired IPA to raise awareness for the local industry.

The beer, being released under the name DelaWeAre, will be brewed by a variety of Delaware breweries, including Revelation, Volunteer, Stewarts, 38-75, Blue Earl, Bellefonte, Midnight Oil, Dew Point and Autumn Arch Beer Project. Each of the breweries has crafted a recipe inspired by the state of Delaware.

Patrick Staggs, owner of Revelation Craft Brewing, said, “We wanted to brew a beer that is meant to be enjoyed right here. Brewed by Delaware for Delaware.”

Kim Willson, the brewers guild executive director, was excited to see the guild members coming together. “With the beer industry being hit so hard by COVID-19, it is nice to see everyone banding together for such a great project. The name of this IPA, DelaWeAre, is reflective of these brewers and their teams. They live, work and play in Delaware, and are passionate about the communities in which they serve,” said Willson.

Each of the breweries will release a version of the beer by Monday, March 15.

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