Delaware can do better in many areas

September 24, 2021

I am a retired NYPD officer who had the privilege of trying to help our nation during the 9/11 attacks. I moved my family to the beautiful state of Delaware 18 years ago in hopes for a fresh start and easy retirement. I ended up working for the Rehoboth Police Department, but health issues from my previous job inhibited my ability to patrol/protect. I am speaking out because I have seen so many wrongs in our great state that I wish to mend. Here are several of my suggestions for our state Legislature and all Delaware citizens for longevity and justice. 1. Insurance: A massive obstacle that I have faced has been with insurance companies. I pay insurance, yet have an astronomical amount of medical debt because they refuse my health insurance. Because of my police career, I have suffered heart attacks, cancer, and the list goes on. My greatest hope is that if you have insurance, and pay your insurance, that it is accepted at whatever medical provider best meets your needs.

2. Nursing homes: If a person has to be admitted into a nursing home, that does not mean they lose their entire life savings. I have unfortunately seen so many families crumble because of nursing home debt. It is unfair.  

3. Drug crimes: If someone is caught smuggling drugs into the state of Delaware, there needs to be harsh punishment. I also believe there needs to be better rehabilitation for those with alcohol dependencies and drug addictions. Prison should not be the only place where people get help, because for some that means it is too late.

4. Combating crime: To help reduce crime, I would like to see more officers on the streets. I always had a partner on the streets of New York, and I think for any officer, it is too dangerous to be alone in hostile situations. I would like to see a better Neighborhood Stabilization Unit to make people safer. Nobody should ever fear their own neighborhood. 

5. Schools: I am all for college and career readiness. Some districts have done a great job at setting up career pathways for those not wanting college. I hope to see secondary schools giving more opportunities for internships in trades that they aspire to partake in. I also feel as if this would help alleviate some of the unemployment issues that our state faces as well. Invest in our students and you invest in our community and future.

Jerrold Price
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