Delmarva Christian Schools inspires young minds on Science Day

April 22, 2024

Delmarva Christian Schools celebrated Science Day March 14, coinciding with Pi Day.

Curated for elementary and middle school students, the event aimed to instill a deeper appreciation of science through hands-on experiences and practical applications of scientific principles.

Jessica Hague, elementary and middle school director of instruction, highlighted the significance of dedicating half a day to science activities. "Our primary goal was to enhance students' learning and foster a love for science by providing immersive experiences that foster critical thinking and illustrate the practical relevance of scientific concepts,” she said.

The event saw students fully immersed in a diverse range of activities designed to foster collaboration and ignite a passion for science. Elementary students experienced a rotation of activities, swapping teachers and classrooms throughout the afternoon. From crafting root beer floats to using the carbon dioxide fizz from a soft drink to make raisins dance and experimenting with Oobleck, students were engaged in a variety of exciting endeavors.

Meanwhile, middle school students delved into the realm of physics by applying Newton's laws of motion to construct balloon-powered cars. This hands-on activity reinforced classroom learning, and also encouraged creativity and problem-solving skills among the students.

Delmarva Christian Schools continues to prioritize holistic Christian education by integrating innovative approaches to learning.

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