Delmarva Christian students showcase J-Term experiences

February 18, 2024

Delmarva Christian High School hosted a special January Term Showcase Jan. 12, inviting family and friends to explore the diverse experiences of its students.

Display booths in the Arts and Athletic Center featured students sharing their J-Term journeys, where they delved into God's call on their lives through service, mission, travel and hands-on academic courses.

“J-Term is an integral part of Delmarva Christian's program of study, during which students participate in opportunities that lead them to a greater understanding of who God is and how he has uniquely designed them,” said Matt Kwiatkowski, DCS head of schools. “As a result, students can be one step closer to embracing the call he has on their lives."

Annually, J-Term presents students with opportunities that promote spiritual, academic and physical growth, fostering new connections and deepening relationships with teachers in diverse settings, both on campus and around the world.

In addition to local experiences such as business internships and home courses like robotics and self-defense, students also embarked on global adventures. DCHS students and chaperones traveled to destinations including Costa Rica, Jamaica, the Passion Conference in Atlanta, Ga., and New York City to see Broadway shows.

Delmarva Christian Schools provides excellent Christian education to students in grades nine through 12 at the high school in Georgetown, and from young toddlers through grade eight in Milton. For more information, call Delmarva Christian High School at 302-856-4040, Delmarva Christian Milton Campus at 302-684-4983 or DCS Early Learning Center at 302-684-2886, or go to






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