Dicamba applicators urged to check pesticide use limitation areas before spraying

Print and carry bulletin
April 4, 2019

The Delaware Department of Agriculture is urging all pesticide applicators who plan to use dicamba this growing season to check the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s online Bulletins Live! Two system on a monthly basis before spraying.

This new online system allows agricultural and other pesticide users to easily determine where pesticide use limitation areas exist due to the protection of endangered species.

“I would encourage farmers and other pesticide applicators to print a copy of the bulletin and carry it with them during the application. In case they get questioned, this verifies that they have checked the website before the application,” said Christopher Wade, DDA pesticides section administrator. “Since the bulletin and the corresponding maps are only valid for a month, applicators need to complete this process every month.”

Currently, Sussex County is the only county in Delaware with dicamba pesticide use limitation areas. The online system provides a more detailed view of where the limitation areas are located, compared to receiving a county-level impact notice that is not truly county-wide.

The Delaware Department of Agriculture has linked the Bulletins Live! Two online system to its webpage. For more information, go to Users will need to enter their address in the search bar, and if there is an effective PULA identified, it will be displayed in a pink color. Clicking on the PULAs will reveal a summary of the products, codes and limitations required.

Dicamba is an herbicide that can be applied to leaves or soil to control annual and broadleaf weeds in grain crops and pastures. If the pesticide label directs the applicator to the online Bulletins Live! Two system, the applicator is required to follow the pesticide use limitation(s) found in the bulletin for the intended application area, pesticide active ingredient or product, and application month.