DMV to release five-digit license plates July 9

First-come, first-served basis
July 1, 2019

Tuesday, July 9, is the summer release date for available five-digit license plates from the Division of Motor Vehicles.

Starting that day, a limited number of five-digit license plates will be made available to the public at the Georgetown, Dover, Delaware City and Wilmington locations on a first-come, first-served basis.

License plate numbers cannot be reserved in advance nor over the phone, and the promotion will run only as long as plate supplies last. Customers must purchase, from the DMV location they are visiting, either a blue-and-gold aluminum, black-and-white porcelain or stainless-steel reproduction plate, manufactured by the Delaware Historic Plate Company, for the five-digit number they are assigned. For all specifics on the reproductions, go to

Details are important to know for those wishing to switch an existing license plate number to a five-digit plate. In order to take advantage of the available numbers, customers will be giving up their current license plate number registered to their vehicle. Customers must pay applicable transfer fees. Customers having title to their vehicles must bring their driver’s license, vehicle title, vehicle mileage and insurance information in order to complete the plate change process. 

Customers needing to obtain the title from their lien holder must go to the nearest DMV office and put a five-digit plate on hold. They must obtain an MV35 form from DMV and send it to their lien holder to obtain the title. The title will be mailed to DMV, which will contact the customer when it arrives. At that time, the five-digit plate can be put on the vehicle.

The purchase cost of the reproduction plate from the Delaware Historic Plate Company is currently $115 for either a stainless steel or porcelain plate, and $5 for the sticker. No telephone or email requests will be taken. All transactions must be completed in person at the participating DMV office locations. For more information regarding vehicle registration, go to