Dogfish Head honored for hiring employees with disabilities

January 2, 2019

Dogfish Head was honored Dec. 3 for its inclusion of employees with disabilities.

In accepting the award, Dogfish recruiter Hilary Wright said, “We’re just looking for the best people to fit our Dogfish team. When we find that, we’re really excited to help with different programs.”

Dogfish was one of three businesses honored, along with the Deluxe Company in New Castle County and Delaware Transit Corporation in Kent County.

The award was given by the Department of Labor’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, which serves students and adults with disabilities and other barriers to employment. The vocational rehabilitation program helps provide training, internships, job counseling and advocacy services to help workers with disabilities find employment.

Denise Crockett, head of business relations for the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, said Dogfish began taking part in the program in 2017 by hosting an on-site job fair and hiring seasonal workers. Dogfish also hired one client on a full-time basis. Crockett said the program is free; it has existed since 1973 and is federally funded.

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