Dunhams celebrate 50th anniversary

July 18, 2016

Lynda and Charlie Dunham were married on June 25,1966, in Exeter, N.H. They are celebrating the their 50th anniversary by hosting a series of events in New Hampshire, in New York and in Lewes because their family and friends reside in these places. The couple met in Syracuse, N.Y., where they each rented one half of the same garage in which to keep their 1964 blue Volkswagen beetles. The ongoing debate for years has been which one had the sunroof? The Dunhams have two sons, Christopher (Kelly) and Timothy, and four charming, intelligent, good-looking grandchildren, Carlie Ann Morley (22), Daniel Jackson (15), Tanner Jay (13), and Finnegan Michael (10).

They spend their retirement traveling in their motor home trying to see much of the U.S. and Canada. They carry kayaks and bicycles with them to explore and usually volunteer at a national park or a wildlife refuge in Florida during the winter.

"We are most grateful for each other and the family and friends who accompany us on our journey."

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