Eat, drink, shop, be merry and careful

December 4, 2020

This weekend marks the full-on beginning of the Christmas season in Delaware’s Cape Region. Though there may not be as many parades or carol sings due to coronavirus concerns, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate the high spirits of the holiday season while living sensibly and avoiding the dangers of the virus.

Cape Henlopen School District, so far, has set a strong and agile example for how a large, complex organization can continue its mission while keeping staff and students safe.

Wearing a mask around other people – covering our mouths and noses – when we’re out and about, social distancing and washing our hands frequently aren’t terrible trade-offs for keeping ourselves and others healthy. Many have commented that with all the restrictions, they notice fewer people with coughs, colds, hacking and sneezing. Maybe some of these safeguards will outlast COVID-19 and make us all healthier.

Being careful is not a sin. Experience teaches us that being careful is smart. But we don’t all need to be shocked by hot wires or get hit by cars to learn to be careful around electricity or traffic. The same applies to COVID-19. A kind of herd immunity in itself.

Being sensible and considerate, we can also keep our companies going. Restaurants are adapting with expanded seating areas, convenient takeout options and dynamic outdoor eating experiences – dining under the stars with heaters.

Being outside is healthy whether or not we have coronavirus. That could be another welcome and enduring takeaway from this pandemic.

Retailers are adapting too, making their stores festive for the holidays, encouraging socially distanced shopping, playing seasonal music.

Our downtowns and shopping areas are beautifully decorated, holiday lights shining, people waving to one another, Salvation Army bells ringing, lots of positive spirit.

We can all contribute to the local economy by getting out, shopping and dining sensibly, and supporting the business people who make our area such a vibrant place to live all year.

We can all put a little extra energy into this year’s holiday season by being careful – not afraid – and happy.


  • Editorials are considered and written by Cape Gazette Editorial Board members, including Publisher Chris Rausch, Editor Jen Ellingsworth, News Editor Nick Roth and reporters Ron MacArthur and Chris Flood. 

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