Education, acceptance key to understanding

December 26, 2017

I just finished reading through the letters and comments regarding transgendered children and the Department of Education’s attempt to help them. I can understand why those children have no one to go to.  The comments show just how little people understand the transgendered. It’s how bullying had been handled for decades; they will outgrow it.

Being transgendered is not something that a child chooses or decides to experiment with.  It’s a real issue that needs to be addressed when the realization is there.  Children will not outgrow it.  It is not an “excuse” to use a different bathroom or locker room.  Parents do more damage than good by ignoring it.

When parents ignore, can’t or won’t accept that their child has a problem, where is that child supposed to get the guidance and support they need?  If the teacher can’t help, then who can?  Formative years are difficult at best; adding to the problems doesn’t help.  Education and acceptance are key to understanding.  Teachers should be a source for both parents and students for a positive outcome.

Andrew L. Herrick
Rehoboth Beach

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