Enjoying life at home during the pandemic

May 17, 2020

John Salandra of Millsboro likes reading the Cape Gazette on a sunny day on his patio, especially now during the lockdown period when he can’t go to the beach.

The patio is a great way to sunbathe when there isn’t any access to the pool or beach.

Periodically, his sister, Antonia, joins him during the day to also read Gazette and enjoy the sun while practicing social distancing on the patio.

John & his sister moved from New York 2 years ago and built new houses next door to each other in Long Neck.

“Our Mom and Dad, who passed away many years ago, would be so happy that we live next door to each other and only 10 minutes from our cousins in Lewes,” said John. “Our cousins lived 10 minutes from us when we lived in the Bronx New York, such a coincidence!”

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