Enjoying wine with the Cape Gazette on a Viking River Cruise in Bordeaux

December 1, 2019

The Cape Gazette went along with a group from Coastal Club as they traveled to the lovely historic wine region of Bordeaux, France aboard a Viking River Cruise.

Lead by Mike Dramis, the group experienced picturesque villages, medieval fortresses, and exceptional wines at the scenic vineyards along the Garone, Dordogne and Gironde Rivers.

Pictured ( l-r) are Gerry and Rob Mirando, Daa and Bob Cahill, Tom and Laura Fieweger, Camilla and Eddie Galliani, Pat Carlstrom, Allison and Mike Dramis, Mary and Dave Nolker, Joyce Romans, Vic Carlstrom, Jeff Romans, Ron and Paula Piccolo and Bonnie and Andy Bloom.


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