Every vote matters in Lewes

May 13, 2022

Lewes residents have a big decision to make Saturday, May 14, and it’s the first time they’ll be making it since George Cleaver challenged Mayor George H.P. Smith in 1998. Smith was victorious in that election, earning the community’s support for the third of his five terms as mayor. Since then, no Lewes mayor has been challenged.

Smith passed the torch to Jim Ford in 2004. After 10 years, Ford stepped away and Ted Becker assumed the role unopposed. Lewes had 10 straight mayoral elections without a challenger.

But in 2022, that all changed. Resident Ric Moore announced his candidacy the first day he was able. Deputy Mayor Andrew Williams waited until the last day. Mayor Ted Becker, seeking his fourth term, filed to run somewhere in between.

Each candidate has a unique background, and each has a unique vision for Lewes. If letters to the editor are any indication, this year’s election will have a big turnout. Rightfully so, as the results could have a major impact on the city’s future. It’s important for residents to cast votes, particularly for mayor. Local elections are often very close. In Rehoboth’s 2019 election, the third-place finisher missed out by just 17 votes. In Dewey Beach that same year, just nine votes separated second place and fourth place. When we say every vote counts, we truly mean it.

In Lewes, there’s no lack of issues – development, flooding, sea-level rise, parking, are just a few. Over the last month, each candidate has made a case either in our annual candidate Q&A or at the Greater Lewes Civic Coalition’s candidates’ forum. We won’t be making an endorsement this year, so it’s up to voters to make an informed decision by reading, watching and researching the three men seeking the gavel.

The choice is yours and yours alone.


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