Excellence is always in season at Beebe

February 25, 2020

The temperature gauge in the car said it was 27 degrees outside when my co-worker, Amy Popovich, and I pulled to the Valet Service area at Beebe Healthcare’s Tunnell Cancer Center. It was cold!

“Hold on, ladies, I’ll be right with you,” said Nicole Strike, the bundled-up, smiling Beebe Valet Services team member at the valet parking welcome area in the entrance alcove. “I have to help this patient into her car.”

And that’s exactly what happened next. Amy and I stood there as Nicole greeted a patient who was being wheeled out of the facility.

She helped the patient out of the entrance area, out of her wheelchair and into the waiting vehicle, which Nicole had just retrieved, so the patient’s family could take her home.

All with a big smile on her face and a supportive tenderness in her touch. It was clear at that moment that Nicole’s caring meant the world to that patient and her family.

Amy and I were moved by Nicole’s unflappable energy on such a cold morning! And we remarked how fortunate it was that we were at Tunnell Cancer Center that morning – and at that moment - to deliver a special “Thank you.” We had with us, for Nicole and her fellow TCC Valet Services team member, a new knit hat and scarf to keep them warm and to help them remember that Beebe Medical Foundation appreciates everything they do all day, every day, to care for Beebe patients, visitors and their families.

Amy and I made the same stop at Beebe’s Margaret H. Rollins Lewes Campus and were delighted to deliver knit hats and scarves to Valet Services Team members Joe Tilleli, David Cluney, Doyle Hendricks and Elian Robledo.

By definition, excellence is “the quality of being outstanding.” And today I am celebrating the outstanding care that Beebe’s Valet Services team members demonstrate each and every day – winter, spring, summer and fall. And that’s not all this group does. They also donate 100 percent of the tip monies they receive back to Beebe – again, outstanding!

As a community-based, not-for-profit healthcare system, Beebe Healthcare depends on the generous support of individuals, local businesses, corporations and private foundations. All gifts are tax-deductible, so please consider making a gift today.

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