Extraordinary compassion and caring at Beebe Healthcare

April 4, 2023

My family and I are sending this note of thanks to the nurses and doctors at Beebe Healthcare who provided excellent and compassionate care to Francis “Buzz” Gildea during his stay and final days at the hospital.

Buzz was my stepfather. He served Delaware as a Wilmington firefighter for 42 years and was a beloved husband, father, grandfather and friend. Buzz had battled cancer for four years, and never gave up hope. His primary oncology team was through Johns Hopkins and he continued to explore any options available to fight the fight. His oncology team at John’s Hopkins, coupled with the medical team at Beebe, cared for Buzz on many levels, including physical, emotional and spiritual. 

Our large, blended family spent several days at Buzz’s bedside. The medical team working with us never wavered in the care and support they extended to all of us. We wish to thank the following individuals: nurses Audra Lathbury, Candace Morris and Marina Hays, and physicians Victor Banzon, MD, and Daniel Puga, MD, for providing care that was beyond wonderful.

These amazing professionals provided open, honest communication, excellent bedside manner, superior medical and nursing care, compassionate care to Buzz as well as our large family. They brought calmness and comfort to what could have been a tumultuous and emotionally upsetting journey. The nursing team, non-intrusive but ever-present, was extraordinary. As Buzz was transitioned to hospice while in their care, they were empathetic, skillful and warmhearted.

We are thankful to them, as well as all members of the staff including the efficient and courteous environmental services team, for their care, grace and kindness. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

As a community-based, not-for-profit healthcare system, Beebe Healthcare depends on the generous support of the community it serves. To make a gift to celebrate the excellent care you or a loved one has received at Beebe, visit Beebe Medical Foundation at or call 302-644-2900. Want to share your story? Contact Amanda Neal at


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