Fox spotted in Rehoboth

August 17, 2017

The nighttime in Rehoboth Beach is generally a time when people like to take walks on the beach away from the crowds during the day.

It appears that philosophy extends to nonhumans as well.

Visitors to the city have reported seeing a fox on the beach in Rehoboth that paused long enough for a photograph Aug. 11.

Kevin Naughten, who photographed the fox, said it was walking along the Boardwalk near Norfolk Street before going down to the beach. He said the fox looked skinny and flea-bitten, but it found food on the beach before being chased away by a dog named Rocky.

Rehoboth spokeswoman Krys Johnson said Rehoboth police have reported several sightings of the fox. She said there have been no reports that the animal is aggressive. Police are monitoring its activity, Johnson said. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

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