Free medical marijuana evaluations for Delaware veterans set Oct. 21 at Camden VFW

September 30, 2017

Canna Care Docs, specialists in cannabis medicine, will provide free medical marijuana evaluations to Delaware veterans from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 21, at VFW Post 3238, 166 Old Camden Road, Camden.

"We are honored to host this event for our military veterans, who deserve safe and affordable access to cannabis," said Maggie Fauver, Mid-Atlantic regional manager, Canna Care Docs. "Senate Bill 24, the Bravery Bill, was passed earlier this year, and this allows veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder entry into the program."

Kim Petters, local veteran and cannabis activist, advocates for expansion of the medical marijuana program with a concentration on the military veteran community. "Improving access to cannabis offers veterans a chance to explore a safer, more natural treatment option other than traditional pharmaceuticals, which can be harmful and addictive," said Petters.

"The Veterans of Foreign Wars in Delaware supports the research of and proven alternative methods of helping veterans cope with the debilitating effects of post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury,” said Marc Garduno, junior vice commander, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of Delaware. “We're aware of several veterans who've benefited medicinally from cannabis previously, so we thank the efforts of our state legislators and Gov. Carney for having the wisdom to make access easier and more affordable for veterans. We also wish to thank Canna Care Docs for their tremendous support of Delaware's veterans by putting this event together, helping to maintain the intent and integrity of this new law. We hope Delaware's efforts will serve as a model for other states." 

Delaware's medical marijuana program currently has 3,092 card-carrying patients as of August 2017. According to the Delaware Medical Marijuana Act Annual Report of 2016, the state has experienced an explosive growth rate of 480 percent compared with fiscal year 2015.

Erica Pukatsch, Delaware site coordinator for Canna Care Docs, is thankful to offer information about medical marijuana in a safe and comfortable space for veterans. "VFW Post 3238 has extended a warm welcome to us, and we look forward to helping our veteran community get the most out of cannabis therapy," said Pukatsch.

Canna Care Docs is a unique service for Delaware patients. The process of becoming a medical marijuana patient begins with a thorough review of medical records, then a one-on-one consultation with a certified cannabis consultant. Patients who meet the state's requirements are then evaluated by a physician to finalize the certification process.

Marta Downing, Canna Care Docs COO, said veterans have been a focus of their model since the first office opened in Massachusetts. "Offering 10 percent discounts for vets every day along with annual appreciation events, we show our vets how important they are to us," said Downing.

Canna Care Docs has provided over $500,000 worth of free evaluations in the communities where it operates. With established locations in eight states and the District of Columbia, and plans to open in Maryland and Pennsylvania, the company is also going international with an office opening in Australia.

"We've earned the trust of thousands of patients and the respect of regulators with our knowledge of medicinal cannabis and the certification process for each individual state program," said Fauver.