Garden center gallery features fused-glass artist

August 8, 2022

The Little Garden Gallery at Inland Bays Garden Center welcomes Kathryn Chartier and her fused glass in rainbow colors.

Chartier retired a few years ago and finally had time to pursue her love of experimenting and creating with different mediums, but it was glass that most tweaked her interest. She likes to mix colors and then fuse glass together in an electric kiln with temperatures as high as 1,480 degrees for varying lengths of time, depending on the project. Once the glass is liquid, it needs to cool appropriately. Cold working and/or sandblasting are finishing techniques/touches she uses.

“I love the beach and flowers, and both make their way in my art glass as sun catchers, ornaments, magnets or plant decorations. Butterflies and dragonflies also migrate into my work! It’s exciting every time I open my kiln and see what I’ve created,” said Chartier.

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