General Assembly declares gun violence a public health crisis

March 16, 2023

A Senate Concurrent Resolution declaring gun violence a public health crisis passed the Senate and House March 14.

The resolution states ending gun violence, which is devastating Delaware, is a policy priority. This includes “supporting policy and legislative solutions that will make schools safe, confront armed hate and extremism, prevent suicide, and center and support survivors of gun violence.”

The resolution passed the Senate by a 14-6 vote, and the House by a voice vote.

Bill would require Medicaid pay for doula services

A bill that would require Medicaid pay for doula services for pregnancies moved through committee March 15.

House Bill 80 states a doula provides positive, nurturing environments before, during and after birth, and can provide care that is more informed of “their patient’s experiences, values or identities.”

“Births with a doula have been found by the American Pregnancy Association to be less likely to require pain medication and less likely to result in a birth via cesarean section,” the bill states. “Doulas with an established connection through the pregnancy are better able to provide continual and personalized care in instances of labor, postpartum, and even fetal or infant death.”

A fiscal note with the bill estimates total costs would be about $300,000 in fiscal year 2024, with operating state costs of about $102,000 in 2025 and about $153,000 in 2026.

The bill awaits action in the House.



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