Ghost bike was a message to slow down

October 1, 2019

At present, the bike lane going around the bend or curve (Route 1 and Kings Highway, where the accident occurred) has no markings whatsoever identifying this lane as a bike lane. Worse, lazy and poor drivers cut the corner short, meaning they cross over their right-side lane marking and drive a half car width or more in the bike lane going around the corner.  (This is an all too common occurrence on the curve in front of the Lowe’s store as well.)

Before DelDOT goes into its typical year-long computer study to determine how to strengthen bicycle safety at this dangerous corner or curve, DelDOT should immediately paint stripes in the bike lane area.  The stripes would remind drivers to stay out of the bike lane.  Better yet, DelDOT should consider installing those two-feet high, rubber lane dividers separating the traffic and bike lanes.  These white lane dividers are used on the bike lanes in the center of Pennsylvania Ave leading to the Capitol in Washington, D.C.  They should be used here as well.

This project would not be a budget buster, and it’s something that could be done very quickly. There is absolutely no reason not to provide immediate protection to bicyclists at this dangerous location! 

And by the way, who removed the white ghost bike, the tribute to Jay Kirby?  Its presence was a reminder to drivers that a bicycle death occurred at that location and to slow down!  The presence of the ghost bike sent a far more powerful warning to drivers than any sign could. 

Charles Patalive
(a daily bike rider)


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