Give back to nonprofits March 4-5

Support unsung heroes for Do More 24 Delaware
February 28, 2021

There are no two ways about it: COVID-19 has rocked our world.

We are almost a year into the pandemic, and everyone is weary from the ongoing stress associated with the very real and extreme danger this virus presents, as well as the constant worry about the health and well-being of family and friends.

Everyone is also exhausted from the way we have been forced to interact with people (yes, Zoom fatigue is a real thing) and the growing longing for simple things that were taken for granted before the pandemic, like real handshakes and hugs.

We all owe enormous gratitude to frontline healthcare workers and first responders. For the past year, they’ve put their lives on the line in the most horrendous situations possible, with superhuman stamina, protecting us day in and day out. The public recognition they have received is well deserved, and the word hero has never rung more true.

There is another group that has kept our society afloat in a different way and has also suffered greatly through the pandemic with far less fanfare. They’ve covered all ends of the spectrum – from working impossible hours and traveling far and wide to feed hungry neighbors, to finding new ways to deliver after-school programming in this new virtual world, and, in far too many cases, being forced to lay off staff or take pay cuts. We are talking about our nonprofits.

Nonprofit organizations have always been powered by compassion, determination, and innovation. Since COVID-19, those qualities have been stretched to the limit, with very few resources to keep them going. Even in good times, nonprofits have to be thrifty and creative, stretching the last pennies to reach the greatest number of people.

Our local nonprofits are resilient, and we are a better society for it. This year, that has been taken to an entirely new level. We have seen organizations quickly pivot to accommodate the needs of communities in a completely virtual world. From Zoom to Facebook Live, nonprofits adapted to connect with people in new ways, oftentimes expanding services in the process. 

In addition to deserving our respect, they rely on our financial support to sustain their efforts. Delaware’s Giving Day, Do More 24 Delaware, returns from 6 p.m., Thursday, March 4, through 6 p.m., Friday, March 5. This 24-hour, virtual fundraising event is an opportunity for Delawareans to support hundreds of nonprofits that serve the First State. For these organizations, every dollar is needed and appreciated, especially this year.

We encourage you to take part in giving thanks and giving what you can March 4-5. For more information, and to secure the future of our nonprofits and support those most in need in our community, go to

Chris Grundner is president and CEO of the Welfare Foundation. Thère du Pont is president of the Longwood Foundation. Todd Veale is executive director of the Laffey-McHugh Foundation.

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